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Yorkshire Terrier

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Yorkshire terrier | Yorkshire terrier Puppies for sale/adoption | Teacup Yorkie Puppies for sale/adoption

The Yorkshire terrier or say Yorkie puppies is perhaps best known for its fur and pretty looking eyes
Its famous long, straight silky coat is often seen primped and tied back in a fancy top knot, and adorned with a colorful bow (usually for the girls).
And while there’s good reason to fuss so much over this dog’s ‘do, it isn’t the only thing that makes the Yorkshire terrier so highly sought after.Global pet farm Brings your family friendly puppies which are well groomed, potty trained and playful with kids and other pets. Our teacup puppies for sale/adoption are meant for pet loving families who are ready to commit time and patience to play our pups. Buying a puppy online from Global pets farm entails nothing out of the ordinary. Our 24/7 support team will exchange emails with you to get to know how good you are with pets and when you decided it was the Yorkie puppy you needed to buy or adopt online.

The Pure breeds Yorkshire terrier puppies we have on site are just perfect for your home, They all have unique sense of behaviour and are well mannered and playful with kids and ready to adapt to new places.Looking for where to Buy/adopt a yorkie or Yorkshire terrier puppy online? Global pet farm is your Number safe home that should come in mind. we have Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale,Yorkshire terrier puppies for adoption and other puppies for sale.
The Yorkshire Terrier has a history as a pest exterminator in 19th Century English factories.
The Yorkie dog generally weighs from 5 to 7 pounds and stands about 6 to 9 inches tall. But don’t let their size fool you. This breed packs a lot of personality into that petite frame.
Yorkies are known for being bold and lively dogs. Plus, they have a loyal and affectionate side too.Yorkshire Terriers are tan on their face and chest. They may not reach its adult hue until as late as three years old.

Yorkshire Terrier Size

Small dogs like Yorkies are usually fully grown at around one year of age. You can expect your Yorkie to reach anywhere between 6 and 9 inches tall by their first birthday.
According to breed standards, Yorkshire Terriers should be no more than 7 pounds in weight. Show dogs normally weigh between 5 and 6 pounds.
However, it is common for pet Yorkies to exceed the 7-pound weight limit. Often this is simply because the dog is naturally larger in size than the breed standard.
But be careful to make sure that your terrier doesn’t weigh more than he should due to excess body fat. Being overweight is very unhealthy for dogs, especially smaller breeds.That is why our Yorkies have a standby vet at all times on the farm to ensure they are healthy
Your vet will be able to tell you whether or not your Yorkie is a healthy weight for their frame.
It is possible to purchase Yorkie puppies specifically bred to be even tinier than the breed standards. But these so-called Teacup Yorkshire Terriers are plagued with health issues.

Yorkshire Terrier Temperament

Yorkie dogs are Terriers. This means that they are normally bold, confident, and stubborn.
They also have a high prey drive because they were originally bred to work in vermin control. As a result, they tend to not want to make friends with other small pets.
Yorkies are small in stature but this isn’t something that they are aware of. They will face larger animals with the same tenacity as they would rats and mice.
They are also naturally suspicious of strangers. Therefore, early socialization to both people and other animals is very important.

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