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The Standard Poodle

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The Standard Poodle | Standard Poodles |Standard Poodle Puppies for sale/adoption


The standard poodle stands between 35 and 45 centimeters at the withers and weighs between 10 and 14 kilograms. His coat is medium-long and very profuse, with a texture that could be described as fine. The hair is however woolly and well curled, which gives a feeling of resistance during the caress.

The International Canine Federation recognizes five coat colors for poodles: black, brown, gray, apricot, and white.


The temperament of the standard poodle


He is known to be very loyal and he is also docile: he is an excellent companion for family members. He is a fairly active, intelligent playful dog: he is quite far from the lazier big dogs. Her cheerfulness can bring joy to the household, and her need for affection will lead to beautiful moments of cuddling. The poodle, when not properly educated, can still have a tendency to bark. He has, after all, a certain attitude of a watchdog. Understand, however, that this is not inevitable: it is possible to prevent this trend from escalating.


Standard Poodle dogs is also used for animal therapy, they are excellent candidates for both children and the elderly.

A healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, proper care, affection, and he will have every chance of having iron health and morale!

Very quick-witted and curious, he is classified among the most intelligent breed of dogs, which makes him such a pleasant and accomplice companion, on the other hand, it will be important to have a firm attitude with him at the start and to teach him your rules (you will understand that you must not say no to a poodle and yes the next day) by virtue of his great intelligence he will make the difference and quickly understand that it is easy to get what he wants with manipulating you ..


Standard Poodle : Where to buy Standard Poodle


standard poodle Breeders

If you are looking for specific standard poodle puppies pure breed, you should go to a breeder. But be careful: A breeder with the integrity of one breed of dog is usually dedicated (sometimes two, but rarely more), and he will never hesitate to offer you about his workplaces as a whole. Ask to know where dogs sleep, where to play and hang out, what to eat, meet the puppy’s parents, etc.


Pet shops

Often times, when we decide to buy a dog, your first idea is to go to the pet store. But our puppy farm safes you the stress of buying a puppy online or looking for pets to buy online. we run a family friendly farm for all pets and pet accessories sales.Buy poodles online from Global pet farm


Classified ads


It is possible to find standard poodle puppies on the Internet. All options are then available to you: the person who, due to illness or mobility, is no longer able to take care of his loyal companion and is looking for a good family for him, educators, individuals, etc. But Global pet farm have brought standard poodle puppies to your. we sell standard poodle puppies which have been well trained and ready for new adventures.

Know that many people are real families selling their dogs that actually come from the factory. Always ask to visit the house, see the mother, and choose your puppy from among all the children shown.



Standard poodles price

Prepare to pay between $1000 and $ 1,700 to have a poodle. This extremely friendly dog ​​is now considered a common dog (“toy” poodle, miniature poodle) and a “luxury” dog (medium poodle, large poodle).

They are puppies poodles for sale and poodles for adoption the price cost, therefore, varies depending on the variety of the poodle: if it is a royal poodle, for example, its price will naturally be higher than that of a miniature poodle.



Uses of the standard poodle


First of all, this breed is said to be excellent for fetching waterfowl. Brown or white poodles will also be able to serve as truffle dogs. Like their fellow dwarves and toys, they can also do well in agility contests. Poodles are also used to guide people who suffer from hearing or sight problems in everyday life when they have received the proper education.


Finally, their presence is highly appreciated in therapeutic treatments. People with mental disorders, hospitalized and very old people and prisoners will find their loneliness and tensions eased. Buy a standard poodle puppy online with ease. Standard poodle puppies for sale

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