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Caique Parrots

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Tragically we are selling our long term old male caique, Rex, we got him to be a companion for my other parrot yet she simply doesn’t care for him and attempts to assault him so I cannot have them out together and it isn’t reasonable on either winged animal that they presently have restricted break of the enclosure and it would be destroyed if any damage came to either fledgling. Hand raised Black Headed Caique. This stunning little chap is loaded with character. Wants to go around on the counter and ride on my shoulder.


CAIQUE Birds for sale

This rundown includes a portion of our parrots simply acting naturally and fooling around. Needed B h caique hen at a sensible value, cash hanging tight for the right-winged animal. The Finch Farm has flying creature books available to be purchased. Caique parrots are simply fun! Caiques have effortlessly made a spot for themselves in the homes and hearts of incalculable fledgling aficionados. Or on the other hand, it goes to the first investor for the purchaser. She wants to play and requires a ton of consideration.


Hand Raised/fed CAIQUE birds FOR SALE

Caiques in their normal living space can be found in Hight backwoods, timberland edges just as level savannah forests. They require an enormously wide range of toys for mental incitement. Toys should be turned and supplanted on an ordinary essential to forestall weariness. Caique parrot is available to be purchased Hand raised and has proceeded with cooperation with individuals, goes to everybody, and doesn’t chomp. 5 months old Harness prepared I have not had her sexed, without a doubt a female. This type of parrot has a high support regiment and requires a ton of consideration.

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